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British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

2016, v. 54, n. 3

  • Página 233-240
    Autor/es: Cassi, D.; Biase, C. De; Tonni, I.
    Título: Natural position of the head: review of two-dimensional and three-dimensional methods of recording

  • Página 241-247
    Autor/es: Díaz-Sánchez, Rosa-María; Castillo-de-Oyagüe, Raquel; Serrera-Figallo, María-Ángeles
    Título: Transmigration of mandibular cuspids: review of published reports and description of nine new cases

  • Página 248-252
    Autor/es: Breeze, J.; Linares, C. Verea; Stockton, P.
    Título: Is an osteotome necessary for pterygomaxillary dysjunction or dysjunction through the tuberosity during Le Fort I osteotomy? A systematic review

  • Página 253-259
    Autor/es: Bouman, M.A.; Dijkstra, P.U.; Reintsema, H.
    Título: Surgery for extra-articular trismus: a systematic review

  • Página 260-265
    Autor/es: Shah, Keval S.V.; Ethunandan, Madan
    Título: Tumour seeding after fine-needle aspiration and core biopsy of the head and neck - a systematic review

  • Página 266-269
    Autor/es: Haraji, Afshin; Rakhshan, Vahid; Hosseini, Vasim
    Título: Local heating of the wound with dressings soaked in saline at 42 °C can reduce postoperative bleeding: a single-blind, split-mouth, randomised controlled clinical trial

  • Página 270-274
    Autor/es: Xie, Li-song; Pu, Yi-ping; Zheng, Ling-yan
    Título: Function of the parotid gland in juvenile recurrent parotitis: a case series

  • Página 275-279
    Autor/es: Lopez-Jornet, Pia; Gómez-García, Francisco; Carrillo, Nuria García
    Título: Radioprotective effects of lycopene and curcumin during local irradiation of parotid glands in Sprague Dawley rats

  • Página 280-285
    Autor/es: Bansal, Vishal; Mowar, Apoorva; Dubey, Prajesh
    Título: Coronoid process and residual ankylotic mass as an autograft in the management of ankylosis of the temporomandibular joint in young adolescent patients: a retrospective clinical investigation

  • Página 286-289
    Autor/es: Mücke, Thomas; Jung, Maximilian; Mitchell, David A.
    Título: Do measurements of inflammatory mediators in blood predict recurrence in patients with bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaws?

  • Página 290-294
    Autor/es: Kim, Hyo-Geon; Lee, Jung-Hoon; Song, Jae-Min
    Título: Outfracture of the inferior turbinates during superior repositioning Le Fort I osteotomy with cone-beam computed tomographic analysis of the volume of the nasal cavity

  • Página 295-300
    Autor/es: da Silva, Camila Batista; Groppo, Francisco Carlos; dos Santos, Cleiton Pita
    Título: Anaesthetic efficacy of unilamellar and multilamellar liposomal formulations of articaine in inflamed and uninflamed tissue

  • Página 301-305
    Autor/es: Hayakawa, Mana; Kodama, Masaaki; Sato, Shinobu
    Título: Electrochemical telomerase assay for screening for oral cancer

  • Página 306-311
    Autor/es: Möhlhenrich, Stephan Christian; Kamal, Mohammad; Peters, Florian
    Título: Bony contact area and displacement of the temporomandibular joint after high-oblique and bilateral sagittal split osteotomy: a computer-simulated comparison

  • Página 312-315
    Autor/es: Dewi, Ffion; Henry, Alastair; Bhatia, Satyajeet
    Título: Postoperative radiographs after open reduction and internal fixation of mandibular fractures: clinical need or unnecessary radiation?

  • Página 316-321
    Autor/es: Wang, Zhifa; Hu, Hanqing; Li, Zhijin
    Título: Sheet of osteoblastic cells combined with platelet-rich fibrin improves the formation of bone in critical-size calvarial defects in rabbits

  • Página 322-326
    Autor/es: Ferretti, Carlo; Muthray, Enesh; Rikhotso, Ephraim
    Título: Reconstruction of 56 mandibular defects with autologous compressed particulate corticocancellous bone grafts

  • Página 327-330
    Autor/es: Hussain, Omar; McKay, Andrew; Fairburn, Kevin
    Título: Diagnosis of giant cell arteritis: when should we biopsy the temporal artery?

  • Página 331-333
    Autor/es: Gibson, Daren; Dwivedi, Raghav C.; Bowles, Christopher
    Título: Atrophy of anterior digastric muscle detected during ultrasound of the neck - a prospective clinical study

  • Página 334-337
    Autor/es: Sandhu, Davinder P.S.; Dover, Michael Stephen; Lay, Sarah
    Título: Quality assurance review of training in oral and maxillofacial surgery by the General Medical Council: areas of good practice, requirements, and recommendations

  • Página 338-341
    Autor/es: Reuther, William J.; Hale, Beverley; Matharu, Jas
    Título: Do you mind if I vape? Immediate effects of electronic cigarettes on perfusion in buccal mucosal tissue - a pilot study

  • Página 342-345
    Autor/es: Patel, Vinod; Gadiwalla, Yusuf; Sassoon, Isabel
    Título: Use of pentoxifylline and tocopherol in the management of osteoradionecrosis

  • Página 346-350
    Autor/es: Bhatia, Satyajeet; Bocca, Alan; Jones, Judy
    Título: Le Fort I advancement osteotomies of 1 cm or more. How safe or stable?

  • Página 351-352
    Autor/es: Swami, Pushp Chander; Raval, Rushik; Kaur, Mandeep
    Título: Accidental intraoral injection of formalin during extraction: case report

  • Página 353-354
    Autor/es: Brennan, Peter A.; Smith, Dave W.
    Título: Letter to the editor in response to: Tay BD, Prabhu IS, Cousin CH, et al. Occupational exposure to noise in maxillofacial operating theatres: an initial prospective study. Br J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2016;54:94-6