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2016, v. 34, n. 3

  • Página 141
    Autor/es: Camacho M Md; Song SA; Tolisano AM
    Título: Biomimicry may cure obstructive sleep apnea

  • Página 142-143
    Autor/es: Farman AG1
    Título: Never routine: diagnostic imaging should be individualized and based on professional judgment.

  • Página 144-154
    Autor/es: Castellano M; Lilli C; Barbato E
    Título: Craniofacial asymmetry in non-syndromic orthodontic subjects: clinical and postural evaluation

  • Página 155-162
    Autor/es: Liu Y; Sun X; Chen Y
    Título: Relationships of sagittal skeletal discrepancy, natural head position, and craniocervical posture in young Chinese children

  • Página 163-168
    Autor/es: Talaat W; AlRozzi B; Kawas SA.
    Título: Sleep medicine education and knowledge among undergraduate dental students in Middle East universities.

  • Página 169-175
    Autor/es: Gupta B; Thumati P; Radke J.
    Título: Temporomandibular joint vibrations from totally asymptomatic subjects.

  • Página 176-181
    Autor/es: Zwiri AM; Al-Omiri MK.
    Título: Prevalence of temporomandibular joint disorder among North Saudi University students.

  • Página 182-187
    Autor/es: Ismail F; Eisenburger M; Lange K,
    Título: Identification of psychological comorbidity in TMD-patients

  • Página 188-194
    Autor/es: Ariji Y; Koyama S; Sakuma S,
    Título: Regional brain activity during jaw clenching with natural teeth and with occlusal splints: a preliminary functional MRI study.

  • Página 195-207
    Autor/es: Sutter BA.
    Título: Incidence of headaches related to occlusion and bite force imbalance: a case study.

  • Página 208-209
    Autor/es: Sutter B; Yiannios N; Radke J.
    Título: Letter to the Editor regarding "In vitro evaluation of T-Scan® III through study of the sensels" from CRANIO Volume 33 Issue 4, by Manuel Cerna et al.

  • Página 213-214
    Autor/es: Jenkins D
    Título: Break away: The new method for treating chronic headaches, migraines and TMJ without medication.