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European Journal of Oral Sciences

2016, v. 124, n. 5

  • Página 415-425
    Autor/es: Bronckers, AL; Lyaruu, DM; Jalali, R
    Título: Buffering of protons released by mineral formation during amelogenesis in mice.

  • Página 426-432
    Autor/es: Uhlen, MM; Stenhagen, KR; Dizak, PM
    Título: Genetic variation may explain why females are less susceptible to dental erosion.

  • Página 433-439
    Autor/es: Marshall, A; Celentano, A; Cirillo, N
    Título: Antimicrobial activity and regulation of CXCL9 and CXCL10 in oral keratinocytes.

  • Página 440-446
    Autor/es: Lee, DW; Jung, JE; Yang, YM
    Título: The antibacterial activity of chlorhexidine digluconate against Streptococcus mutans biofilms follows sigmoidal patterns.

  • Página 447-453
    Autor/es: Gill, SK; Price, M; Costa, RJ.
    Título: Measurement of saliva flow rate in healthy young humans: influence of collection time and mouthrinse water temperature.

  • Página 454-458
    Autor/es: Vermaire, JH; van Houtem, CM; Ross, JN
    Título: The burden of disease of dental anxiety: generic and disease-specific quality of life in patients with and without extreme levels of dental anxiety.

  • Página 459-464
    Autor/es: Visscher, CM; Van Wesemael-Suijkerbuijk, EA; Lobbezoo, F
    Título: Is the experience of pain in patients with temporomandibular disorder associated with the presence of comorbidity?

  • Página 465-471
    Autor/es: Jääsaari, P; Tolvanen, M; Niinikoski, H
    Título: Advanced dental maturity of Finnish 6- to 12-yr-old children is associated with high energy intake.

  • Página 472-479
    Autor/es: Goldman, AS; Chen, X; Fan, M
    Título: Cost-effectiveness, in a randomized trial, of glass-ionomer-based and resin sealant materials after 4 yr.

  • Página 480-489
    Autor/es: Tsujimoto, A; Barkmeier, WW; Takamizawa, T
    Título: Relationship between mechanical properties and bond durability of short fiber-reinforced resin composite with universal adhesive.

  • Página 490-497
    Autor/es: Anchieta, RB; Machado, LS; Hirata, R
    Título: Survival and failure modes: platform-switching for internal and external hexagon cemented fixed dental prostheses.

  • Página 498-503
    Autor/es: Ye, J; Ye, X; Chang, S
    Título: Effect of silica coating on the bond strength of milled pure titanium to dental porcelain.

  • Página 504-509
    Autor/es: Scotti, N; Bergantin, E; Tempesta, R
    Título: Influence of dentin pretreatment with synthetic hydroxyapatite application on the bond strength of fiber posts luted with 10-methacryloyloxydecyl dihydrogen phosphate-containing luting systems.