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European Journal of Orthodontics

2016, v. 38, n. 5

  • Página 447-458
    Autor/es: Mistakidis, I; Katib, H; Vasilakos, G
    Título: Clinical outcomes of lingual orthodontic treatment: a systematic review.

  • Página 459-469
    Autor/es: Daratsianos, N; Bourauel, C; Fimmers, R
    Título: In vitro biomechanical analysis of torque capabilities of various 0.018″ lingual bracket-wire systems: total torque play and slot size.

  • Página 470-477
    Autor/es: Bock, NC; Ruf, S; Wiechmann, D
    Título: Dentoskeletal effects during Herbst-Multibracket appliance treatment: a comparison of lingual and labial approaches.

  • Página 478-484
    Autor/es: Bock, NC; Ruf, S; Wiechmann, D
    Título: Herbst plus Lingual versus Herbst plus Labial: a comparison of occlusal outcome and gingival health.

  • Página 485-492
    Autor/es: Knösel, M; Klang, E; Helms, HJ
    Título: Occurrence and severity of enamel decalcification adjacent to bracket bases and sub-bracket lesions during orthodontic treatment with two different lingual appliances.

  • Página 493-502
    Autor/es: Šidlauskas, M; Šalomskienė, L; Andriuškevičiūtė, I
    Título: Heritability of mandibular cephalometric variables in twins with completed craniofacial growth.

  • Página 503-507
    Autor/es: Bazargani, F; Magnuson, A; Löthgren, H
    Título: Orthodontic bonding with and without primer: a randomized controlled trial.

  • Página 508-515
    Autor/es: Stange, KM; Lindsten, R; Bjerklin, K.
    Título: Autotransplantation of premolars to the maxillary incisor region: a long-term follow-up of 12-22 years.

  • Página 516-524
    Autor/es: Čirgić, E; Kjellberg, H; Hansen, K.
    Título: Treatment of large overjet in Angle Class II: division 1 malocclusion with Andresen activators versus prefabricated functional appliances-a multicenter, randomized, controlled trial.

  • Página 525-531
    Autor/es: Dei, A; Miyamoto, JJ; Takada, J
    Título: Evaluation of blood flow and electromyographic activity in the perioral muscles.

  • Página 532-545
    Autor/es: Elkordy, SA; Aboelnaga, AA; Fayed, MM
    Título: Can the use of skeletal anchors in conjunction with fixed functional appliances promote skeletal changes? A systematic review and meta-analysis.

  • Página 546-552
    Autor/es: Parton, AL; Duncan, WJ; Oliveira, ME
    Título: Implant-based three-dimensional superimposition of the growing mandible in a rabbit model.