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International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry

2008, v. 28, n. 6

  • Página 541-542
    Autor/es: Childers, GG
    Título: Editorial: Self-serving

  • Página 543-550
    Autor/es: Nordland, WP - Sandhu, HS
    Título: Microsurgical Technique for Augmentation of the Interdental Papilla: Three Case Report

  • Página 551-558
    Autor/es: Luongo, R - Traini, T - Guidone, PC - Bianco, G - Cocchetto, R - Celletti,
    Título: Hard and Soft Tissue Responses to the Platform-Switching Techniqu

  • Página 559-568
    Autor/es: Ghezzi, C - Masiero, S - Silvestri, M - Zanotti, G - Rasperini, G
    Título: Orthodontic Treatment of Periodontally Involved Teeth After Tissue Regeneratio

  • Página 569-576
    Autor/es: Mandelaris, GA - Rosenfeld, AL
    Título: A Novel Approach to the Antral Sinus Bone Graft Technique: The Use of a Prototype Cutting Guide for Precise Outlining of the Lateral Wall. A Case Repor

  • Página 577-584
    Autor/es: Sterrett, JD
    Título: The Management of Large Mucogingival Defects with an ``Epithelial Embossed'' Connective Tissue Graf

  • Página 585-592
    Autor/es: Aimetti, M - Romano, F - Dellavia, C - DePaoli, S
    Título: Sinus Grafting Using Autogenous Bone and Platelet-Rich Plasma: Histologic Outcomes in Human

  • Página 593-600
    Autor/es: Akca, K - Cehreli, MC
    Título: Two-Year Prospective Follow-up of Implant/Tooth-Supported Versus Freestanding Implant-Supported Fixed Partial Denture

  • Página 601-608
    Autor/es: Fontana, F - Rocchietta, I - Dellavia, C - Nevins, M - Simion, M
    Título: Biocompatibility and Manageability of a New Fixable Bone Graft for the Treatment of Localized Bone Defects: Preliminary Study in a Dog Mode

  • Página 609-616
    Autor/es: Oliva, J - Oliva, X - Oliva, JD
    Título: Ovoid Zirconia Implants: Anatomic Design for Premolar Replacemen

  • Página 617-623
    Autor/es: deMelo, LGN - Ciporkin, F - Neto, JSM - deAlmeida, ALPF - Lopes, JFS - Figu
    Título: Correction of a Mucogingival Defect Using an Implant-Retained Postoperative Stent in a Severely Resorbed Mandible: Case Repor