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Journal of Clinical Orthodontics

2017, v. 51, n. 1

  • Página 11-23
    Autor/es: Cozzani, M; Sinclair, P.
    Título: Master Clinician: Mauro Cozzani.

  • Página 24-28
    Autor/es: Comba, B; Parrini, S; Rossini, G
    Título: A Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of Upper-Canine Distalization with Clear Aligners, Composite Attachments, and Class II Elastics.

  • Página 29-36
    Autor/es: Agarwal, K; Kant, A; Singh, K
    Título: Changes in the Condyle-Fossa Relationship in Patients with TMD after Occlusal Deprogramming.

  • Página 37-45
    Autor/es: Kalia, AJ.
    Título: Treatment of Anterior Open Bite with a Mini-Implant-Supported Tongue Crib.

  • Página 47-53
    Autor/es: Raptis, M.
    Título: Micro-Osteoperforation as an Adjunct for the Correction of Negative Anterior Overjet in an Adolescent Patient with Missing Upper Lateral Incisors.