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Journal of Clinical Periodontology

2017, v. 44, n. 2

  • Página 125-131
    Autor/es: Bouchard, P; Carra, MC; Boillot, A
    Título: Risk factors in periodontology: a conceptual framework.

  • Página 132-141
    Autor/es: Zuk, A; Quiñonez, C; Lebenbaum, M
    Título: The association between undiagnosed glycaemic abnormalities and cardiometabolic risk factors with periodontitis: results from 2007-2009 Canadian Health Measures Survey.

  • Página 142-149
    Autor/es: Pérez, CM; Muñoz, F; Andriankaja, OM
    Título: Cross-sectional associations of impaired glucose metabolism measures with bleeding on probing and periodontitis.

  • Página 150-157
    Autor/es: Zhan, Y; Lu, R; Meng, H
    Título: The role of platelets in inflammatory immune responses in generalized aggressive periodontitis.

  • Página 158-168
    Autor/es: Miller, KA; Branco-de-Almeida, LS; Wolf, S
    Título: Long-term clinical response to treatment and maintenance of localized aggressive periodontitis: a cohort study.

  • Página 169-177
    Autor/es: Graetz, C; Plaumann, A; Schlattmann, P
    Título: Long-term tooth retention in chronic periodontitis - results after 18 years of a conservative periodontal treatment regimen in a university setting.

  • Página 178-184
    Autor/es: Bienz, SP; Sailer, I; Sanz-Martín, I
    Título: Volumetric changes at pontic sites with or without soft tissue grafting: a controlled clinical study with a 10-year follow-up.

  • Página 185-194
    Autor/es: Thoma, DS; Naenni, N; Benic, GI
    Título: Soft tissue volume augmentation at dental implant sites using a volume stable three-dimensional collagen matrix - histological outcomes of a preclinical study.

  • Página 195-203
    Autor/es: Oh, SL; Masri, RM; Williams, DA
    Título: Free gingival grafts for implants exhibiting lack of keratinized mucosa: a prospective controlled randomized clinical study.

  • Página 204-214
    Autor/es: Barone, A; Toti, P; Quaranta, A
    Título: Clinical and Histological changes after ridge preservation with two xenografts: preliminary results from a multicentre randomized controlled clinical trial.

  • Página 215-224
    Autor/es: Tonetti, MS; Cortellini, P; Graziani, F
    Título: Immediate versus delayed implant placement after anterior single tooth extraction: the timing randomized controlled clinical trial.

  • Página 225-234
    Autor/es: Castro, AB; Meschi, N; Temmerman, A
    Título: Regenerative potential of leucocyte- and platelet-rich fibrin. Part B: sinus floor elevation, alveolar ridge preservation and implant therapy. A systematic review.