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Journal of Clinical Periodontology

2018, v. 45, n. 3

  • Página 278-284
    Autor/es: Ramírez,Valeria ;Hach,Maria ;López,Rodrigo.
    Título: Definition of aggressive periodontitis in periodontal research. A systematic review

  • Página 285-292
    Autor/es: Graves,Dana T ;Alshabab,Ahmed ;Laino Albiero,Mayra.
    Título: Osteocytes play an important role in experimental periodontitis in healthy and diabetic mice through expression of RANKL

  • Página 293-302
    Autor/es: Miranda,Tamires S. ;Napimoga,Marcelo H. ;Feres,Magda.
    Título: Antagonists of Wnt/β‐catenin signalling in the periodontitis associated with type 2 diabetes and smoking

  • Página 303-310
    Autor/es: Spinell,Thomas ;DeMayo,Francesco ;Cato,Matthew.
    Título: The association between coeliac disease and periodontitis: Results from NHANES 2009–2012

  • Página 311-321
    Autor/es: Widita,Elastria ;Yoshihara,Akihiro ;Hanindriyo,Lisdrianto.
    Título: Relationship between clinical periodontal parameters and changes in liver enzymes levels over an 8‐year period in an elderly Japanese population

  • Página 322-335
    Autor/es: Lee,Jung‐Hoo ;Shin,Yoo‐Jin ;Lee,Jong‐Ho.
    Título: Association of toothbrushing and proximal cleaning with periodontal health among Korean adults: Results from Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey in year 2010 and 2012

  • Página 336-344
    Autor/es: Martinez‐Herrera,Mayte ;Silvestre,Francisco Javier ;Silvestre‐Rangil,Javier.
    Título: Levels of serum retinol‐binding protein 4 before and after non‐surgical periodontal treatment in lean and obese subjects: An interventional study

  • Página 345-353
    Autor/es: Mauri‐Obradors,Elisabet ;Merlos,Alexandra ;Estrugo‐Devesa,Albert.
    Título: Benefits of non‐surgical periodontal treatment in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and chronic periodontitis: A randomized controlled trial

  • Página 354-363
    Autor/es: Jockel‐Schneider,Yvonne ;Bechtold,Markus ;Haubitz,Imme.
    Título: Impact of anti‐infective periodontal therapy on parameters of vascular health

  • Página 364-372
    Autor/es: Aimetti,Mario ;Mariani,Giulia Maria ;Ercoli,Elena.
    Título: Soft tissue re‐growth after osseous resective surgery with and without fibre retention technique. Four‐year follow‐up of a randomized clinical trial

  • Página 373-381
    Autor/es: Nibali,Luigi ;Sun,Chuanming ;Akcalı,Aliye.
    Título: The effect of horizontal and vertical furcation involvement on molar survival: A retrospective study

  • Página 382-391
    Autor/es: Cieplik,Fabian ;Tabenski,Laura ;Hiller,Karl‐Anton.
    Título: Influence of autogenous platelet concentrate on combined GTR/graft therapy in intra‐bony defects: A 13‐year follow‐up of a randomized controlled clinical split‐mouth study