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Journal of Endodontics

2017, v. 43, n. 8

  • Página 1229
    Autor/es: Al-Haddad,Afaf Yahya.
    Título: Letter to the Editor: Warm Vertical Compaction and Its Influence on the Properties of Root Canal Sealers

  • Página 1229
    Autor/es: Liang,Yu-hong.
    Título: Reply

  • Página 1230-1236
    Autor/es: Jakovljevic,Aleksandar ;Kuzmanovic Pficer,Jovana ;Dragan,Irina F.
    Título: The Role of Varicella Zoster Virus in the Development of Periapical Pathoses and Root Resorption: A Systematic ReviewReview Article

  • Página 1237-1245
    Autor/es: Cavalli,Daiana ;Cestari Toia,Cássia ;Flores Orozco,Esteban Isai.
    Título: Effectiveness in the Removal of Endotoxins and Microbiological Profile in Primary Endodontic Infections Using 3 Different Instrumentation Systems: A Randomized Clinical StudyOriginal Research Article

  • Página 1246-1249
    Autor/es: Ruiz,Xavier-Fructuós ;Duran-Sindreu,Fernando ; Shemesh,Hagay.
    Título: Development of Periapical Lesions in Endodontically Treated Teeth with and without Periodontal Involvement: A Retrospective Cohort StudyOriginal Research Article

  • Página 1250-1254
    Autor/es: Ramey,Kelly ;Yaccino,John ;Wealleans,James.
    Título: A Retrospective, Radiographic Outcomes Assessment of 1960 Initial Posterior Root Canal Treatments Performed by Endodontists and DentistsOriginal Research Article

  • Página 1255-1261
    Autor/es: Case,Emily ;Williamson,Anne ;Johnson,William T.
    Título: Endodontic Board Certification: A Review of Factors Affecting the Certification RateOriginal Research Article

  • Página 1262-1266
    Autor/es: Wang,Xiuyou ;Chen,Kaifeng ;Wang,Shuang.
    Título: Relationship between the Mental Foramen, Mandibular Canal, and the Surgical Access Line of the Mandibular Posterior Teeth: A Cone-beam Computed Tomographic AnalysisOriginal Research Article

  • Página 1267-1272
    Autor/es: Beltes,Panagiotis ;Kalaitzoglou,Maria-Elpida ; Kantilieraki,Eleni.
    Título: 3-Rooted Maxillary First Premolars: An Ex Vivo Study of External and Internal MorphologiesOriginal Research Article

  • Página 1273-1278
    Autor/es: Habib Aghahi,Raha ;Gandjalikhan Nassab,Seyed Abdol Reza ;Eskandarizadeh,Ali.
    Título: Telescopic Dental Needles versus Conventional Dental Needles: Comparison of Pain and Anxiety in Adult Dental Patients of Kerman University of Medical Sciences—A Randomized Clinical TrialOriginal Research Article

  • Página 1279-1287
    Autor/es: Palma,Paulo J. ;Ramos,João C. ;Martins,João B.
    Título: Histologic Evaluation of Regenerative Endodontic Procedures with the Use of Chitosan Scaffolds in Immature Dog Teeth with Apical PeriodontitisOriginal Research Article

  • Página 1288-1293
    Autor/es: Fayazi,Sara ;Takimoto,Koyo ;Diogenes,Anibal.
    Título: Comparative Evaluation of Chemotactic Factor Effect on Migration and Differentiation of Stem Cells of the Apical PapillaOriginal Research Article

  • Página 1294-1301
    Autor/es: Gaviño Orduña,José Francisco ;Caviedes-Bucheli,Javier ;Manzanares Céspedes,María C.
    Título: Use of Platelet-rich Plasma in Endodontic Procedures in Adults: Regeneration or Repair? A Report of 3 Cases with 5 Years of Follow-upOriginal Research Article

  • Página 1302-1308
    Autor/es: Hee Lee,Sung ;Inaba,Andrew ;Mohindroo,Neha.
    Título: Three-dimensional Sphere-forming Cells Are Unique Multipotent Cell Population in Dental Pulp CellsOriginal Research Article

  • Página 1309-1316
    Autor/es: Keskin,Cangül ;Demiryürek,Ebru Özsezer ;Emek Onuk,Ertan.
    Título: Pyrosequencing Analysis of Cryogenically Ground Samples from Primary and Secondary/Persistent Endodontic InfectionsOriginal Research Article

  • Página 1317-1322
    Autor/es: Cho, Sin-Yeon ;Park,Junhee ;Chung,Won-Yoon.
    Título: Proteome Expression in Human Periodontal Ligament after Delayed Hypothermic PreservationOriginal Research Article

  • Página 1323-1328
    Autor/es: Yue,Junli ;Wang,Puyu ;Hong,Qingchun.
    Título: MicroRNA-335-5p Plays Dual Roles in Periapical Lesions by Complex Regulation PathwaysOriginal Research Article

  • Página 1329-1331
    Autor/es: Keleş,Ali ;Keskin,Cangül.
    Título: Detectability of Middle Mesial Root Canal Orifices by Troughing Technique in Mandibular Molars: A Micro–computed Tomographic StudyOriginal Research Article

  • Página 1332-1336
    Autor/es: del Carpio-Perochena,Aldo ;Kishen,Anil ;Felitti,Rafael.
    Título: Antibacterial Properties of Chitosan Nanoparticles and Propolis Associated with Calcium Hydroxide against Single- and Multispecies Biofilms: An In Vitro and In Situ StudyOriginal Research Article

  • Página 1337-1342
    Autor/es: Tokita,Daisuke ;Ebihara,Arata ;Miyara,Kana.
    Título: Dynamic Torsional and Cyclic Fracture Behavior of ProFile Rotary Instruments at Continuous or Reciprocating Rotation as Visualized with High-speed Digital Video ImagingOriginal Research Article

  • Página 1343-1349
    Autor/es: Meraji,Naghmeh ;Camilleri,Josette.
    Título: Bonding over Dentin Replacement MaterialsOriginal Research Article

  • Página 1350-1353
    Autor/es: Araujo Aguiar Graça,Izabela ;Sponchiado Júnior,Emílio Carlos ;Franco Marques,André Augusto.
    Título: Assessment of a Cavity to Optimize Ultrasonic Efficiency to Remove Intraradicular PostsOriginal Research Article

  • Página 1354-1359
    Autor/es: Krishnan,Unni ;Saji,Sreeja ;Clarkson,Roger.
    Título: Free Active Chlorine in Sodium Hypochlorite Solutions Admixed with Octenidine, SmearOFF, Chlorhexidine, and EDTAOriginal Research Article

  • Página 1360-1363
    Autor/es: Keskin,Cangül ;Inan,Uğur ;Demiral,Murat.
    Título: Cyclic Fatigue Resistance of Reciproc Blue, Reciproc, and WaveOne Gold Reciprocating InstrumentsOriginal Research Article

  • Página 1364-1369
    Autor/es: Alemam,Amin A.H. ;Dummer,Paul M.H. ;Farnell,Damian J.J.
    Título: A Comparative Study of ProTaper Universal and ProTaper Next Used by Undergraduate Students to Prepare Root CanalsOriginal Research Article

  • Página 1370-1377
    Autor/es: Ree,Marga H. ;Schwartz,Richard S.
    Título: Long-term Success of Nonvital, Immature Permanent Incisors Treated With a Mineral Trioxide Aggregate Plug and Adhesive Restorations: A Case Series from a Private Endodontic Practice

  • Página 1378-1382
    Autor/es: Zhang,Ping ;Wei,Xin.
    Título: Combined Therapy for a Rare Case of Type III Dens Invaginatus in a Mandibular Central Incisor with a Periapical Lesion: A Case Report

  • Página 1383-1386
    Autor/es: Maniglia-Ferreira,Claudio ;de Almeida Gomes,Fabio ;de Morais Vitoriano,Marcelo.
    Título: Intentional Replantation of an Avulsed Immature Permanent Incisor: A Case Report