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Journal of Periodontology

2018, v. 89, n. 5

  • Página 515-516
    Autor/es: Holliday,Richard ;Ryan,Vicky ;McColl,Elaine.
    Título: Letter to the editor: RE: Comparison of periodontal parameters and self‐perceived oral symptoms among cigarette smokers, individuals vaping electronic cigarettes and never‐smokers: A pilot study

  • Página 517
    Autor/es: Sulugodu Ramachandra,Srinivas.
    Título: Letter to the editor: RE: Risk of periodontal disease in patients with asthma: A nationwide population‐based retrospective cohort study

  • Página 518
    Autor/es: en,Te‐Chun ;Chang,Pei‐Ying ;Lin,Cheng‐Li.
    Título: Reply from authors: RE: Risk of periodontal disease in patients with asthma: A nationwide population‐based retrospective cohort study Sh

  • Página 519-530
    Autor/es: Oliveira,Fernando ;Riberal Vieira,Costa Thaís ;Cavalca Cortelli,Sheila,
    Título: Effect of compliance during periodontal maintenance therapy on levels of bacteria associated with periodontitis: A 6‐year prospective study

  • Página 531-539
    Autor/es: Belstrøm,Daniel ;Grande,Maria Anastasia ;Sembler‐Møller,Maria Lynn.
    Título: Influence of periodontal treatment on subgingival and salivary microbiotas

  • Página 540-548
    Autor/es: Ortiz,Ana P. ;González,Daisy ;Ramos,Jeslie.
    Título: Association of marijuana use with oral HPV infection and periodontitis among Hispanic adults: Implications for oral cancer prevention

  • Página 549-557
    Autor/es: Andriankaja,Oelisoa M. ;Muñoz‐Torres,Francisco J. ;Vivaldi‐Oliver,José.
    Título: Insulin resistance predicts the risk of gingival/periodontal inflammation

  • Página 558-570
    Autor/es: Kotsakis,Georgios A. ;Lian,Qinshu ;Ioannou,Andreas L.
    Título: A network meta‐analysis of interproximal oral hygiene methods in the reduction of clinical indices of inflammation

  • Página 571-576
    Autor/es: Mehmood,Abid ;Abduljabbar,Tariq ;Al‐Hamoudi,Nawwaf.
    Título: Self‐perceived oral symptoms and periodontal status among young intravenous heroin addicts: A cross‐sectional case‐control study

  • Página 577-585
    Autor/es: Asım Aral,Cüneyt ;Aral,Kübra ;Yay,Arzu.
    Título: Effects of colchicine on gingival inflammation, apoptosis, and alveolar bone loss in experimental periodontitis

  • Página 586-595
    Autor/es: Ikeda,Eri ;Ikeda,Yuichi ;Wang,Yongqiang.
    Título: Resveratrol derivative‐rich melinjo seed extract induces healing in a murine model of established periodontitis

  • Página 596-605
    Autor/es: Resti Fitri,Atika ;Pavasant,Prasit ;Chamni,Supakarn.
    Título: Asiaticoside induces osteogenic differentiation of human periodontal ligament cells through the Wnt pathway

  • Página 606-615
    Autor/es: Bletsa,Athanasia ;Abdalla,Hisham ;Løes,Sigbjørn.
    Título: Lymphatic growth factors are expressed in human gingiva and upregulated in gingival fibroblasts after stimulation